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The O shot means “orgasm shot,” while the G shot refers to a shot at the erotic area in the vagina, close to the Grafenburg point or urethra. For O injections, platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is collected from the patient's own blood and injected into the clitoris and vaginal G-spot area. G injections typically involve filler injections, which may be repeated every three to five months. Injection treatment can be performed independently or in conjunction with cosmetic surgical procedures such as vaginoplasty

The O-shot and G-shot procedures are designed to enhance women's pleasure during sexual activity. In many cases, women may have difficulty achieving orgasm, lubricating, arousing, or experiencing pleasure for a variety of reasons. Non-surgical pleasure enhancement procedures like these can help women rediscover greater intimacy and happiness in the bedroom.

However, to achieve optimal benefits, it is important for patients to choose the appropriate procedure, with or without plastic surgery. It's easy to confuse O-Shot and G-Shot enhancement treatments because they have similar goals: increasing sexual pleasure. However, although the procedures may be similar and free, it is still important to understand the differences and make the most appropriate choice.
O injections aim to improve the body's natural sexual response through platelet-rich plasma therapy. PRP is a rich serum composed of concentrated platelets, whose main role is to regenerate and heal tissue. Injecting PRP serum directly into the most sensitive areas of sexual response, namely around the clitoris and upper vagina, helps regenerate new healthy vaginal tissue, increasing the potential for sexual stimulation.

Another advantage of O injections is that they can relieve mild stress urinary incontinence in many women because the area is located directly adjacent to the urethra. The surgeon will carefully evaluate the patient's suitability for O injections as well as identify the precise area to place the injection for maximum benefit.
G shot
G-Shot injection treatment focuses entirely on improving the response of the G-spot. The G-spot is located inside the upper vagina, about halfway between the cervix and the pubis. During intercourse or other sexual activity, women may experience some stimulation in the G-spot, but the area is often difficult to reach and stimulation may be reduced.

G Shot Treatment delivers temporary filler gel directly to the G-spot to tighten sensitive tissue and improve sexual response. Some women wish to combine O-shot and G-shot procedures or undergo them in conjunction with sexual cosmetic treatments.
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