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What does collagen filler do?

Collagen/fat injectable fillers, also called soft-tissue augmentation, is a cosmetic plastic surgery procedure performed to correct wrinkles, depressions in the skin, and/or scarring. The procedure involves injecting a substance (collagen and/or fat) into the skin in order to plump or fill-up the area being treated.

Are collagen fillers worth it?

One study looked at 123 people who received human collagen in the folds between their brows for a year. Researchers found that 90.2 percent of participants were satisfied with their results. Collagen injections reduce wrinkles in other specific facial areas as well, including the: nose.

What are the side effects of collagen fillers?

The main adverse effect of the filler is a reaction to cow protein or lidocaine; hence, a prior skin sensitivity test is a must. Other adverse events to the collagen fillers (though rare) are: Skin redness. Skin discomfort, including swelling, bleeding and bruising.

Do collagen shots really work?

Should you try collagen supplements or drinks? At this time, there isn't enough proof that taking collagen pills or consuming collagen drinks will make a difference in skin, hair, or nails. Our bodies cannot absorb collagen in its whole form.

How long after taking collagen will I see results?

12 weeks to six months

Collagen supplements can take anywhere from 12 weeks to six months according to robust small studies. Those with joint issues may see differences a lot faster than 12 weeks. As the collagen present within the supplement will speed up the healing process.

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